Avoiding Business Litigation

Business litigation can be a huge problem for businesses because the process of taking a case to court, or being dragged to court by another party, can be a costly adventure. More so, it unnecessarily complicates a problem which maybe could have been solved amicably outside the court. It is therefore a good idea to

Social Media Business Goals

Social media can do a lot for a small business owner. It gives you a window into what your customers are saying about your business. It helps you keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends that affect your business. A social media presence also tells customers your business is current with the
A data breach occurs when cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information without permission. It is possible for this breach to affect either personal or corporate data in a small or large organization. Both internal and external hackers are fast and invisible. They can cause a data breach when they gain access to customer accounts, names,