Our Partners

Stakeholders, Investors & Partners

Soweto Business Hub provides many business resources, support and funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups through funding by its business partners, investors and partner companies.

In additon to providing a hub of business resources, we uplift and empower individuals to become successful industry leaders. This includes becoming more confident in business negotiations, the art of closing a deal, networking and many other business skills.

This could not have been possible without the great contributions from our partners who generously invest in these people's lives.

Should you wish to become a partner or stakeholder of Soweto Business Hub, please contact us today.

Invest in our project

Soweto Business Hub is run entirely on private funding. That’s why we need your help!

Our business model is based on basic rental income to pay for our expenses like rental and salaries. Income forecasts don’t allow for additional services at this stage and we plead for support from those who have to give to those who don’t.

Because we run as a non-profit we can distinguish ourselves from other office spaces by offering lower prices and making our services affordable to those who otherwise could not have access.

Please, help us:

  • By donating to our centre to finance infrastructure and repairs
  • By sponsoring training sessions, workshops and meetings
  • By sponsoring individuals, start-ups, SMEs. If you pay their monthly rental, you help them to thrive
  • By offering your time: we need facilitators, coaches, mentors

Office Solution

We specialise in providing all the products and services you need to run your day to day business in a way that is as efficient as possible.

Eco Pront & Design

From our inception in 1992, ecoDesign ecoPrint have been providing graphic design and offset printing solutions that focus on minimising our impact on the environment.

Vista Print

Vistaprint helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional.

Office Furniture Warehouse

Our philosophy has always been to support SA industry therefore CREATING JOBS which helps create a stable society, and brings with it the dignity that all our people deserve.